Feedback: 400 Block of Hayes Street Weekend Closure

We have been in communications with SFMTA and the Mayor’s Office regarding the possible continuation of the weekend street closure on the 400 block of Hayes St. We are doing outreach in the vicinity to gather feedback.

Current street closure programming schedule is Friday 4-10 pm and Saturdays/Sundays 10am-10pm.

A permit renewal is being considered with the following conditions and modifications:

  • Friday street closure will be discontinued (due to the 21 Bus being reinstated on Hayes).
  • Modified day and hours: the closure will be limited to Saturday or Sunday only with a maximum 8 hour programming schedule.
  • Street Activation: an agreed upon plan for events/programming on the 400 block is being asked of the permittee (HVNA/HVMA/Council).
  • Barricades: an updated barricade scheme will be required to deter drivers from double parking at the cones.
  • Barricade Staffing: the permittee will be required to have hired staffing.
  • Wayfinding Recommendations: SFMTA is recommending a “No Right Ahead” sign on southbound Gough as well as additional “No Parking” signs.  SFMTA will also recommend that the 400 block restaurants place informational signage on “A frames” to direct drivers where pickups should legally occur.
  • Additional loading: SFMTA is identifying approved and new loading zones to support pick-up/drop-off needs for passengers and delivery drivers.
  • Directions and Parking Recommendations: SFMTA is recommending the permittee put together a directions and parking map for visitors.

Note: we are only asking for your input for the street closure on the 400 block of Hayes.

We will continue to keep you updated on this initiative. Check back for updates.