Gioia Pizzeria

Best pizza west of the Jersey Turnpike!

Gioia is a New York Style Pizzeria with seasonal ingredients. We are an honest to goodness neighborhood restaurant. Our menu offers seasonal New York Style pizzas, house-made beef & pork meatballs, amazing chicken parm and meatball parm sandwiches, house-made chicken wings, salads, soft drinks and don’t forget our house-made cannoli for dessert! All made with the best of Californian ingredients. We don’t eat pizzas with a fork & knife. New Yorkers consider that uncivilized.
We have been doing Farm to Table thing for a long time because it makes sense and it’s a lifestyle, not a trend. You know like you don’t go out in the rain without an umbrella. We serve simple RUSTIC food with big flavors. We like that kind of honest food. We think it’s the kind of food you like!

579 Hayes Street
San Francisco, California 94102

Established in 2019